Initial Necklace

10 products

10 products

What is Custom initial necklace?

Put your unique and beuatiful initial on those gold necklace and wear it wit you here and there for a long time.

Custom Solid initial necklace for gift

Since an initial necklace is crafted especially for one person, it can be regarded as specific birthstones with zodiac sign of the wearer. You can just do single initials for the first names, family names, or a child’s name. Custom Now You also can make a special combination of several initials to make your idea come into life.

The meaning differ from various letters. For example, the letter ‘G’, which people often associate with high intellectual prowess and drive. Which initials would you like to do?

Custom Solid initial necklace for girls, mother, kids

Nowadays Initial Jewelry is nothing new. But the one you made it for or the meaning you want to show make it unique and special.

No matter what you choose to go with, a single letter or the collection of letters, to make your initials, you can create something very unique and beautiful. You can even choose a combination of letters that may not be your initials, but they own special meanings to someone you love or important to you. It allows you cherish something or someone important with you for a long time. Just put the initials on those jewelry and wear it around your neck/ears/fingers.

Why Custom Initial Necklance Gold from

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